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Do you own one or more vehicles? Car rentals, Goods vehicles, food deliveries, passenger transport. The Ontime Solution is a must have for your business.

  • Real-time tracking on Live Map
  • Detailed Trip Summary (Village/Town)
  • Overspeeding and Underspeeding reports
  • Odhometer and Fuel Summary Reports
  • SMS alerts

We offer 2 weeks Free Trial

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No Installation Charges

The professional team of Smartlogic ltd does not charge for installation.

No Monthly Charges. We even pay your SIM/Data costs every month

You only pay a very affordable yearly cost. Our yearly price is the lowest per feature set available on the market.

No Need to buy GPS

The rental cost of the GPS (BlueBox) is already included in the yearly cost you pay.

No Support/Upgrade Charges

Our commitment to selflessly em-better our products and solutions does not allow us to charge for support and for minor upgrades.

Flexible pricing More vehicles Less cost

The more vehicles you equip with Ontime fleet management, the smaller is the yearly cost per vehicle.

You pay Yearly so the minimum contract is one year.

*Lifetime Warranty on GPS equipment during contract term

We have built the GPS (BlueBox) ourselves here in Mauritius. Any problems (they almost never occur) occurring with the GPS will be quickly resolved by our talented team.

*Lifetime Support (Onsite/Offsite) during contract term

Whether onsite or offsite, we vow to deploy our team to solve your issues within the minimum possible time.

Onsite Intervention time of 2 business days

Offsite Intervention time of 2-6 hours (phone/sms/mail)

We are experts in PIS solutions

Connect your fleet with your customers.

You offer taxi services, courier or food or even goods deliveries.  We can build a PIS mobile app for you to connect your fleet to your customers.

See how we build a PIS for MBT ltd to connect it to its customers

Support and Advice team

Call/SMS : 5 882 64 23 (Chilli)



Call/SMS: 5 740 82 94 (Emtel)


Jain briefing to an interested customer

Call/SMS: 5 949 8053 (MYT)



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